Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eugene, Oregon

I took Amtrak to Eugene, Oregon this past June.  This photo was taken along the
          Columbia River of Mount Hood, near Portland.

I went to visit Rory, Julie and baby Nita and also to attend Western McGown Teachers Workshop . It was wonderful to see my family and spend some time with them. They live in a beautiful area

.Nita is now 18 months old and as cute as a button.

Julie, Rory and Nita out for supper.

Rory and his baby girl. I love the look he's giving me.
And I miss not seeing him everyday.

Julie's mom had a birthday party for Rory and Julie's
 little brother one Friday night. 

It was nice meeting Julie's friends and family.

They drove me to the workshop on Sunday, Father's Day. This was the building at
 the University of Oregon where we slept and had our classes.

This was the famous cafeteria where we ate 3 times a day. The food was abundant and wonderful and
 the hookers were fun and friendly.

This was one of the rug hooking classes I took. It was a fantastic class.

The rug show held in a lounge near the classrooms. It was a great show
 with many beautiful rugs and hooked pieces. One of the pieces
inspired me to try something new, which I will write about later.

 Rory and Nita drive me up to Portland to catch Amtrak...and I went home. I had such a good time, seeing my family and meeting a lot of new hookers as well as taking some great classes with fantastic teachers.
I hope to go back next June.

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