Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hooking Books

When I went to Western McGown Workshop in Eugene, Oregon this past June, I was inspired by a hooked book I saw that Michele Wise, the director of the workshop, had hooked of her trip to Mexico. It was so creative and I knew I had to hook one of my trip to Oregon. I started drawing as soon as I got home.

 I made the pages of my book 6" square. I drew the designs on linen and hooked with #3 and 4 cut wool. I backed the finished pieces with a thin piece of wool, turning under the edges and hand sewing in place.  I left a longer piece of wool on the left side to sew a piece of webbing where I attached grommets to thread the pages together with braided leftover pieces of wool. This was how Michele did hers, although her pages were wider than mine.


This is the cover. I made muslin labels on my computer and sewed them to the back of each page explaining what each page meant to me.  The heart is for my family that lives in Eugene. The hook is for my love of hooking and the ice cream cone is for the wonderful food I ate while in Eugene.


I took Amtrak for the first time to Oregon. It took 37 hours with 2 overnights in a coach seat. Enough said, although I would do it again. 


I spent a lot of time looking out the train window at the scenery. Nearing Portland, the Columbia River was very busy. There were a lot of people para sailing on wake boards with Mount Hood towering in the background. It was beautiful.

This is Rory and Julie holding their baby by Rory's Subaru in front of their apartment in Eugene. I had a wonderful time there and became reacquainted with my granddaughter, Nita.

This is 5th Street Saturday Market. I was in 7th heaven.  I love stuff like that.

This is me, hooking a rug in Jane McGown Flynn's class. One of the reasons I wanted to attend Western Workshop was to meet Jane and I was very lucky to get into her class the first day. I had a great time and she was a great teacher. I finished the rug a few weeks after returning home.

This book was 6 pages and I finished it in less than a month. It was a lot of fun to do and I plan on hooking another one about my trip to Sauder Village this past August. Many thanks to Michele for inspiring me and giving me a new way of remembering my trips.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eugene, Oregon

I took Amtrak to Eugene, Oregon this past June.  This photo was taken along the
          Columbia River of Mount Hood, near Portland.

I went to visit Rory, Julie and baby Nita and also to attend Western McGown Teachers Workshop . It was wonderful to see my family and spend some time with them. They live in a beautiful area

.Nita is now 18 months old and as cute as a button.

Julie, Rory and Nita out for supper.

Rory and his baby girl. I love the look he's giving me.
And I miss not seeing him everyday.

Julie's mom had a birthday party for Rory and Julie's
 little brother one Friday night. 

It was nice meeting Julie's friends and family.

They drove me to the workshop on Sunday, Father's Day. This was the building at
 the University of Oregon where we slept and had our classes.

This was the famous cafeteria where we ate 3 times a day. The food was abundant and wonderful and
 the hookers were fun and friendly.

This was one of the rug hooking classes I took. It was a fantastic class.

The rug show held in a lounge near the classrooms. It was a great show
 with many beautiful rugs and hooked pieces. One of the pieces
inspired me to try something new, which I will write about later.

 Rory and Nita drive me up to Portland to catch Amtrak...and I went home. I had such a good time, seeing my family and meeting a lot of new hookers as well as taking some great classes with fantastic teachers.
I hope to go back next June.