Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fitzing around

I love Deanne Fitzpatricks rugs. I think I have every book she's written. I promised my daughter and her husband that I would hook them a huge Fitz rug for over their stairs. You would see it as soon as you came in the door. The rug will be 89" long and 24" or so wide. I enlarged it from her book with the free designs in the back. It's called Pitched Roofs under a Starry Sky. They want it hooked a little like Van Gogh's Starry Night, so I will be using some art yarns. But hooking a rug this large is a little daunting to me, so I hooked this smaller piece to try out a few things. This one is called Across the Fence. I wanted to use wool roving, ribbons (including sari silk ribbons) along with wool strips and yarns. I think it turned out well and it was fun hooking with alternate materials. I still have to finish the edges and I will probably sew binding tape to the edge and then turn it under. I might hang this over my sliding glass door. The size of this rug is 4 feet by 18" at the widest. I hooked it in just under 2 weeks. There's something about her rug designs that make me to hook like a maniac.

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