Monday, May 2, 2011


I finished my McGown training last week in Newton Iowa at the North Central McGown Teacher's Workshop. It took me 5 years, which I guess is pretty average. It's a relief as I was never sure if they would accept the pieces I turned in. But they did and I'm done! Of course, I will still be going back every year and also teaching another class there next year. I have a wonderful rug to hook and am looking forward to the experience.

I thought since I was done, I would look back at all of the pieces I hooked for accreditation. Most of them were fun to hook and once I started them, it was pretty easy to finish them. I still consider myself to be a wide cut hooker, but I'm grateful that I have learned from all of those talented ladies how to hook fine cut and teach it if needed. All of the patterns are sold by The House of Price, who is also the sponsor of the teacher workshops around the country.

The first project I turned in is called Marie. I was taught to hook this fingered rose pillow by Terri Schaeffer:

The second project I turned in was Rooster and Sunflowers, which I gave to my daughter. Terri Schaeffer was also my teacher for this wide cut rug. This was hooked in an 8 cut with some 6's for outlining  and was the only wide cut rug I could turn in for accreditation.

The third project I turned in was Birches taught by Diana Foltz. I enjoy landscapes and hooked this in a 3 cut.

The fourth project was a crewel design called Hampden taught by Sally Ballinger at workshop. I like crewels and love the colors used in them. I hooked this in a 3 and 4 cut.

The last project I just turned in this past April at workshop. It was a mat designed and taught by Jane McGown Flynn at Western teacher's workshop last June 2010 when I went to Oregon to visit my son and his family and attend workshop.  I also love to hook flowers, so I finished this mat very fast. It is called Erin and I hooked it in a 3 cut with the background in a 4. The only problem I had was trying to decide how to finish it. I had enough pillows. It was originally a circle but I turned it into a square, lined it with some cheap, thin wool I had and glued that wool to the back of a Lands End bag. I'll have to be very careful when I use the bag, but I like the idea of having it on there as a reminder of the work I did to achieve this goal.

I also had to do a "show and tell" and this was the project chosen for me. It's called Friends and hooked in an 8.5 cut:

The rug I was given to teach for the first time at workshop was called Cabin Repeat. I hooked the large version and the small version in 8 to 9 cut, but taught the small version to the class:

My student projects were hooked by Betty, Donna and Jan. I only needed 2 projects hooked by students of mine, but it's a long story, and I ended up with 3. I supplied the pattern and all of the wool to the ladies. I dyed all of the wool for the mola and some of the wool for the other two rugs.  I thought they all did a wonderful job.

                                        This is Betty's rug. I think it was called Bygone Days.

          This was Donna's rug. It's called Crocodile Mola. I also love molas. The colors are so much fun.
                        This is Jan's rug. It's really her first rug and I thought she did a wonderful job.
                                Thanks, ladies! I couldn't have done this without your help.

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