Sunday, May 1, 2011


I ended up using black binding tape around the rug. It was a little difficult in some spots as the edges are so uneven, but that's one reason I liked hooking this rug and I like the end result.

I'm really having problems with this last batch of binding tape I bought from Cushing. The brown tape bleeds when I wash it and turns into a medium brown instead of a dark brown when it's dry. The black tape bleeds blue dye. I tried to set it with vinegar, but when I steamed the rug, the black tape still bled blue color onto the wet towel. It doesn't seem to affect the rug, but who knows what it looks like under the tape. I need to call Cushing and see if they are hearing of this problem from others.

I'm still trying to decide what to hook next. I should hook the rug for Molly and Seth, but I might take a short break and finish something I already started.

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