Friday, May 11, 2012


I've been doing a little dyeing this past week. I needed a few swatches to work on an older project I started a few years ago. I found a new appreciation for swatches and also for the dye book "Jewel Tones" by Carolyn Clemens. Here's how I do it on the stove. I don't remember where I bought the pan...probably at an antique shop. I cut apart a long cooling rack for the bottom of the pan and 8 quart jars fit perfectly in the pan.

Here are the results of another dye session, not the one in the above photo. It is JT 34...a light blue to a violet for use in flowers.

I found it necessary to increase the amount of dye in jar 8 and decrease the amount in jar 7 by 1 tsp. It could be even a little more as 7 and 8 are extremely close in color.

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