Friday, April 13, 2012


I did a lot of traveling since I last blogged.
The first trip was back to Sauder Village for Rug Hooking Week. I took a class from Anne Boissinot for 4 days. She is an excellent teacher and the class was very good, but draining because of the pattern. It was a large flower using dip dyes. Why do I end up with so many leftover pieces? It's a conundrum. Maybe that's the wrong word...

Here is Anne hanging some of the examples of the flowers we were hooking. She's a fun teacher and I would love to take from her again. I hooked the the one hanging in the middle. Anne told me after class started that it was the hardest one. Aaaaack!

In early October I took a class from Pris Buttler in Stillwater. It was a 4 day class but because of family matters, I missed most of the classes. Most of the students were hooking Klimt designs of their own. I had trouble getting into it and never fact I hardly even started. Maybe someday I'll finish it.  And I forgot to take any pictures of the class.

Later in October I went to the ATHA Biennial in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I took 2 from Norma Batastini  where we hooked an Amish quilt rug. The other class was a very primitive class with Jayne Hester. I finished that rug a few weeks ago.  The rug show was nice although the lighting wasn't the best. Of course, now I can't find the photos I took there. The search is on...

In early November I went to Texas to the South Central McGown Teacher's Workshop. I had a great time. Nice facilities and people, fun classes. I'm very happy I went.