Friday, April 12, 2013

2 Cows

I hooked a rug last fall in 2 weeks. It is an adaptation from a photo by Ree Drummond with her permission. Ree has a great blog called The Pioneer Woman. Check it out.

Anyway...the rug was fun. I hooked it in a 4 cut on rug warp. I loved this photo when she first published it on her blog a few years ago, and when she showed it again last summer, I knew I wanted to hook it.

The shading was difficult and putsy, but I do like the results. The cow shading was especially difficult and I used a few different swatches to achieve the result. I entered this in the Celebration contest, but it was not chosen as a finalist. O-well. On to another rug. Maybe the Starry Night rug I started 4 years ago for my daughter and never finished.

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